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BBC Report: Bishop Romney Told Pregnant Mother “Give Your Child to The Church”

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by icarus
30 Jul 2012

Mitt Romney was a Mormon bishop for five years in the 1980′s in addition to being president of the Boston chapter.  The BBC interviews a former parishioner of the Boston Mormon church that Mitt Romney was bishop of; her name is Peggy Hayes.  She tells the BBC her story that she has never shared in an interview before.

Peggy got pregnant out of wedlock and Mitt Romney came to visit her; she says he told her to give her child up to the church for adoption.  She also says that if she didn’t give up her child to the church – Romney threatened to have her excommunicated from the church.
“I said well are you suggesting that I give up my child to the church.  And he pretty much said – yeah, that’s exactly what we we’re asking you to do … is to give up your child to the church.  And he said somewhat casually – well … you know you’re facing some serious consequences pretty much.  And if you don’t give up your child then you would considered to be in violation of the doctrines of the church.  And in effect what that would mean is that you would be excommunicated.”
~Peggy Hayes, former Romney parishioner
The Boston Globe did an entire article on this on 8/26/94 – a blog captured it (it’s currently behind a firewall) and you can read the entire story HERE:

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