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John Boehner Lies And Won’t Tell America About His Personal Investment in Keystone XL

From PoliticusUSA:

By: Rmuse Jul. 25th, 2013

In any nation’s justice system, the theory behind meting out punishment for violating the law is, besides taking a criminal out of circulation, to deter citizens who consider or are inclined to break the law from acting on their impulses. Indeed, the reason people continue violating the law is because they are not held accountable for their actions and regardless it is white collar crime, armed robbery, or assault and battery, criminals who go unpunished have no reason to refrain from being a menace to society. Politicians are shielded from investigation and prosecution because of their positions of power, and there are myriad examples of high-ranking politicians who continually break the law with impunity.

In 2011, Speaker of the House John Boehner stood in front of the American people and castigated President Obama for not approving Canadian oil company TransCanada’s permit to build the KeystoneXL pipeline, and lied profusely to the American people that the project would create hundreds of thousands of American jobs. Despite TransCanada’s admission that the project would create less than 2,000 jobs over a two  year period, Boehner had no compunction lying to provide the Koch brothers, ConocoPhillips, and oil exporters with profits as well as enriching a foreign corporation by using American land to send tar to the Gulf Coast for refining and export on the foreign market.

It turned out that in 2010, Boehner invested in 7 Canadian tar sand companies according to his 2010 financial disclosure, and stood to profit from the pipeline’s construction leading to an appeal to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch an investigation into share manipulation and personally profiting by using his high-ranking position in the House. At the time, Boehner’s actions inspired a national petition to force his resignation. Boehner already had a history of using his position to influence legislation, and in 1995 he passed out checks on the floor of the House from the tobacco industry to legislators who voted for legislation favorable to the industry. At the time, Boehner feigned ignorance of unethical practices, and promised he would certainly never distribute corporate checks for votes on the House floor. Subsequently, because he was not punished, he blatantly lied to the American people to enrich a foreign oil corporation, American oil industry, and himself in 2011.

If Boehner had been punished in 2011, he may have thought twice about repeating the lie that the Keystone pipeline would create more than TransCanada’s estimate of less than 2,000 jobs, but he was not and  he returned this week lying to the people about the number of jobs Keystone’s approval will create. On Tuesday at a press conference, Boehner claimed  that “if the president was serious about helping the economy he would reach out and work with us to pass things like the Keystone Pipeline that would put tens of thousands of Americans back to work.”

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