Saturday, July 13, 2013

No Justice for Trayvon Martin

I'm stunned.

I actually expected a man slaughter verdict rather than a murder verdict given the circumstances.
I did not expect a full acquittal.

It shows how the last 35 years of racist über Reich wing Republi-Nazi rule have returned us to the dark days prior to the civil rights movement.

I honestly see the same mind set at work in the racist pigs who acquitted George Zimmerman as was at work in the minds of the racists who acquitted the men who lynched Emmett Till and the men who murdered Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner.

Time to end the rule of the racist fascist scum.

Time to throw them on the garbage pile of history.

I want to scream "No Justice, No Peace!"
But I won't because riots in this country destroy the places where the oppressed people live.  Innocent people of the same class if not necessarily the same race are those who suffer most.

Instead Vote.  Register to vote, run for every single office one can run for.  Organize. Register others to vote.  Drag them to the polls and vote these right wing bastards out.  Change the laws.  Fight the apartheid nation that feeds the Prison Industrial Complex.

Don't focus your anger on Zimmerman, he is only a pustule of the infection.  He is as the Dylan song said "Only a Pawn in Their Game.

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