Monday, January 19, 2015

Islamic State throws men off building for ‘being gay’ Read more: Islamic State throws men off building for 'being gay'

From The Times of Israel:

In a series of photos, group depicts gruesome executions of various alleged criminals, including thieves and an unfaithful woman

By Times of Israel staff
January 18, 2015

Islamic State has published disturbing pictures of what it says are the executions of two homosexual men in Iraq — shown being thrown off a high-rise rooftop to their deaths.

The organization has also released images of two men being crucified for theft, and a woman being stoned to death for infidelity.The two men, accused of being gay, are seen being led to the edge of a tall building as a large crowd gathers below to watch. The men are then photographed falling through the air. A later photograph shows their broken bodies laying on the ground.

Additional photographs show two men accused of stealing as they are tied crucifix-style to a metal frame, their eyes blindfolded as a masked IS member reads the charges.

Two other IS militants then shoot the two in the head, killing them.

A final killing depicts woman draped in an all-black niqab as she is led to her stoning, on charges of infidelity.

IS members are seen hurling rocks at her and waving the IS flag. Finally her limp body is covered with a tarpaulin.

On Tuesday the jihadist group released a video on purporting to show a young boy executing two men accused of working for Russian intelligence services.

The video shows the two men apparently being shot dead by the child after being interrogated on camera about their alleged attempts to infiltrate IS in Syria.

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