Monday, February 23, 2015

Bernie Sanders’ dire warning: Billionaire Kochs will have more power than both Dems and GOP

Add in Bloomberg and Soros plus the Waltons and you have way too much power in the hands of way too few people.  When that happens Fascism rises.  Interestingly the urge to rebel is seen on both the left and the right.  Often  the two seem separated by what are mainly issues of distraction such as same sex marriage or gun ownership, not to mention race and now matters of "identity".

Cui bono? Who Benefits?

From Raw Story:

22 Feb 2015

Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is warning Americans that two ultra-conservative billionaire brothers will soon hold more political power than both the Democratic and Republican Parties.

While speaking to a group of supporters in Iowa last week, Sanders explained why he was considering a run for the president of the United States in 2016.

“It is likely in a very short period of time that the Koch brothers themselves will have a stronger political presence than either the Democratic or the Republican Party,” the lawmaker noted. “I am prepared to take on the billionaire class.”

Sanders said that a lot of his supporters have pleaded with him to “stay out of the damn Democratic Party” if he decides to run for president.

 “I don’t want to tilt at windmills,” he told ABC News in an interview that aired on Sunday. “But I just think that out there, there are so many people who are hurting, so many people who are disillusioned, so many people are really viscerally upset that they’re working longer hours for low wages and the billionaires are getting richer, and they need a voice.”

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